Jay, Jose and Steve

Jay Stephens, Owner, CEO

Jay Stephens, Owner, CEO

A leader and an influencer

Always having an inclination and gift for leadership, Jay was the quarterback of his high school football team and the manager of a grocery store by the time he was 17 years old.  After college, he was commissioned as an officer in the combat arms of the U.S. Army, and he commanded the largest Field Artillery training battery at Ft. Sill, Oklahoma.  He authored an all-weather Artillery handbook that was distributed Army-wide, and he ultimately attained the rank of Major.

Jay has maintained a lifelong commitment to growth and development, as well as sharing knowledge through the written and spoken word.  He holds a B.S. in Business and Broadcast Journalism, M.A. in Organizational Development, an MBA in Management Information Services, performed graduate work in Biblical Studies, and has received a Juris Doctorate.   He has authored over a dozen published articles on topics like leadership, training, sports and religion in several national magazines and journals.  He pastored churches in Chicago, Alexandria, Virginia, Warren, Michigan, and Longtown, OK, while giving over 3,000 speeches at lectureships and meetings in over 23 states as a vision caster. 

Jay brings tremendous diversity to his role, having held senior leadership positions in the military, banking, corporate, ministry, and non-profit worlds.  Jay served as a Vice President and Senior Counsel at JPMorgan Chase, where he led a group of attorneys and senior staffers in negotiating and executing contracts governing over $2 billion in technology spend each year.  He left there to move back to Tulsa to take care of aging parents.  IN his first role back in his home state, he served as the CEO of the Tulsa area Workforce Investment Board, an agency overseeing 5 career centers and the associated workforce efforts of a 5 county area, where his innovations were described as "revolutionary" by state workforce officials.

Most recently, Jay joined Steve and José at SCFM as the CEO.  Jay has a strong commitment to community, and has led SCFM in many outreach projects to strengthen Tulsa.  At SCFM, Jay has developed strong banking relationships and at the same time has worked to define and convey the culture of SCFM to all employees and others outside the company; an ongoing effort he continues.

Jose Cosa, Owner, EVP, Chief Engineer

Jose Cosa, Owner, EVP, Chief Engineer

A designer and a pioneer

José was born and raised in Colombia to parents who immigrated from Piemonte, Italy.  His early interest in science was fueled by his mother who held a master in mathematics.  As a child José would take apart his toys to see how they worked, and he always wanted to be an engineer and builder.

José spoke Spanish in the community and Italian at home, and he attended a German elementary school and a French high school, learning both of these languages during attendance.  He moved to Texas the summer he turned 17 to study engineering at LeTourneau University, where he also learned English; making it his fifth language of fluency.

After college José worked in offshore production in the Gulf of Mexico for a major oil company for several years, and then came Tulsa to work in product development due to his hands-on knowledge of many types of rotating equipment.  He grew to manage product development for compression, and he worked for eight years, starting in the infancy and pioneer stage, developing the single screw compressor for oil field application, which expanded to landfill gas, helium, argon, H2S, CO2 and propane applications; with mole weights of the gases running the gamut from the very light MW of 2 to the very heavy MW of 44.  He also enjoyed leading and managing several teams of project engineers.

After eleven years with Dresser-Rand, he co-founded SCFM Compression Systems, Inc. with Steve.  José ran every aspect of the business with Steve for three years, and then he hired SCFM’s first employee, an engineer who graduated from LeTourneau College, Andrew Connor.  He also hired SCFM’s second employee, Scott Holt, a young draftsman who had formerly worked for José as an intern at Dresser-Rand.  José notes that SCFM is blessed to still have these men on the team today.

Steve Miller, Owner, President & Chief Consultant

Steve Miller, Owner, President & Chief Consultant

An entrepreneur and an innovator

Steve was born in Kansas and grew up in eastern Oklahoma, where he regularly traveled with his father and grandfather to their construction job sites in the summers and developed a love for understanding how things work.  He got his first job at 12 years old driving tractors in an apple orchard, and after reading Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich at the age of 14, just to get a job interview, he got a job in the fast food industry. 

As a result of that job, a man in his church gave him his first services contract and Steve took care of (mowed, trimmed, edged, etc.) the lawns of homes under contract to sell by a realty company in Tulsa.  The end total was a bit over 1000 lawn cuttings during the summer after his sophomore year of high school.  Steve’s love of engineering also began to flourish with his interest in fast cars and boats, so he studied the engines and how they made power. 

Steve started another business venture, a fast food franchise, immediately after (about 6 weeks after graduation) high school, with money he had earned and saved, and bought his second restaurant at the age of 21.  After owning restaurants for several years, he went to the University of Tulsa and got a degree in Petroleum Engineering. 

Steve worked in production and on offshore drilling in the Texas Gulf, a geographic area with highly fractured geologic environments, which was both complex and dangerous for drilling; but he was drawn to the compressor business. He moved back to Tulsa to work for Dresser-Rand in selling and executing high risk, complex compression projects.  Steve eventually became the Product Development manager for recips and oil-flooded screws; the latter where he worked with Jose' for many years in the development of that type of compressor. 

Steve forged lasting relationships with colleagues there, most of whom are now employees or supply partners to SCFM.  The closest relationship he found there was with José Cosa, with whom he founded SCFM in March of 1993. 

Steve and José formed SCFM to be something different in the compressor business.   Steve has managed all facets of the business at SCFM with José in its 22+ years, and he is still learning.  Steve is thankful that SCFM remains privately held, so that SCFM continues to serve clients and not stock analysts; but is most thankful for the terrific team of people who have gathered and developed to make SCFM.