We don’t build compression packages and then try to sell them...we create solutions to
compression problems and build systems accordingly. We look at situations to decide
if new equipment is an appropriate answer. If not, we will propose ways to use existing
or reconfigured equipment for optimal financial and mechanical efficiency.
— Steve Miller, President & Chief Consultant




Research &


Steve Miller, Owner, President, Chief Consultant

Steve Miller, Owner, President, Chief Consultant

The foundation of our success is to provide a holistic approach to gas compression and treating challenges, planning for compression systems as an integrated piece of your overall gas processing scheme.  When engaged in these challenges, SCFM offers solutions that are designed to achieve low total ownership costs through improved efficiency and lower maintenance costs over the life of your project. 

  • Cradle to grave Conceptual Planning

  • Optimization

  • Evaluation

  • Diagnostics

  • Develop Compressor Requirements

You deserve better than our industry typically provides.  That's why we're dedicated to solving your compression-related issues by addressing all aspects of design, engineering, assembly and support in a holistic way.  Our Client Solutions team has extensive experience in all aspects of gas compression, including start-ups, troubleshooting and commissioning new and revamped compression and gas treatment solutions, as well as engineering reciprocating and oil-flooded compression systems for coal seam gas recovery, Fuel Gas Boosters, CO2 Flood, vapor recovery, landfill gas recovery, gas gathering and re-injection, and gas transmission / storage applications.

We can reduce your costs by:

Andrew Connor, Client Solutions

Andrew Connor, Client Solutions

  • Optimizing solutions that will maximize your production;

  • Providing creative engineering and quality assembly to minimize your downtime;

  • Utilizing fuel efficient components, sizing and configuration;

  • Providing financing options to minimize the impact to capital budgets.


We really understand gas compression and gas treatment.  Our personalized engineering solutions engage the client in the planning stage -- where applications are addressed most effectively and where profits are made or lost.  

Jose Cosa, Owner, EVP, Chief Engineer

Jose Cosa, Owner, EVP, Chief Engineer

We design and engineer compression solutions with an innovative approach:  we tackle and solve engineering and design challenges that others won't get involved in.  Our talented group of client-focused engineers (over 70 years of compression experience) are as comfortable in the field doing start-ups and troubleshooting systems as they are in the office designing your project.  Our goal is to consult with you to solve your gas compression and treating challenges.  

  • Holistic and Integrated Systems Design

  • Application and Design Engineering - Project Specific

  • Generating 3D CAD Designs

  • Implement Acoustical, Torsional and Seismic Studies

  • Custom Controls for Plant Integration

  • Screw, Recip and SCFM Flex Unit™ Compression solutions


Greg Smith, Parts & Service Manager     Contact Greg directly for parts and services support:   gsmith@scfm.com  (918) 663-1309

Greg Smith, Parts & Service Manager

Contact Greg directly for parts and services support:


(918) 663-1309

Our personnel turn-over rate is virtually zero.  That's important to note because our assembly team has worked together for years.  The team is passionate about applying their craftmanship and experience in fabricating and assembling each custom-made compression system.   Safety for the end user is of utmost concern.  Our skilled compression craftsmen work closely with our engineers to ensure that every unique facet of your solution is addressed through the use of high quality materials and disciplined processes. 

Our facility is OSHA compliant and fully authorized by the ASME to fabricate vessels bearing the "U" Stamp and by the N.B.I.C. to repair vessels bearing the "R" Stamp.  We have welders certified to ASME, AWS D 1.1, carbon or stainless, electrical personnel qualified to NEC, along with mechanical assemblers qualified on reciprocating and screw compressors in our shop. 

 Our expertise includes a full range of support services:

  • Recips

  • Oil Flooded Screws (single & twin)

  • Blowers

  • Engine & Motor Drives

  • Up to 8,000 Horse Power

  • Assembly - high spec/high tech

  • Ceramic bearings

  • Sandblasting

  • Paint


Our Facility:

  • 30,000 sq ft shop and warehouse

  • Crane capacities...17'H x 20"W 120k lbs
    (3) 5 Ton bridge cranes
    (1) 10 Ton bridge crane
    (2) 15 Ton bridge cranes
    (2) 30 Ton bridge cranes

  • Structural Bays for Skid and Vessel Fabrication

  • Pipe Welding Booths - Pin Wheel Welding

  • Sub Arc Machine for Round Seams up to 10ft OD

  • Portable Welding Machine

  • Plasma Cutting Table

  • Portable Plasma Machine

  • Torch Rigs

  • Hydro Equipment for up to 10,000 psi



Randy Pierce, Shop Manager

Randy Pierce, Shop Manager

We offer a full range of parts and services in support of our solutions, including: diagnostics, trouble-shooting and start-up services as well as operator training, maintenance supervision, overhaul, and revamp/refurbish/reapply services at your sites.

We are not a traditional parts house, in terms of an emphasis on simply selling parts; instead, we focus on helping you to determine why parts are breaking or wearing out prematurely and addressing the core issue rather than just continuing to sell you parts or services simply for the sake of the sale.

Our scope of services includes:

  • Parts and Components

  • Revamp / Refurbish / Reapply

  • Overhaul / Supervision

  • Maintenance Supervision / Training

  • Operator Training

  • Troubleshooting


SCFM Compression Systems, Inc. has an impeccable safety record -- in the shop, in the field and in the office.

At the 2009 Gas Processors Association Convention, SCFM received a national Safety Award in recognition of an outstanding Safety Program in the Gas Processing Suppliers Industry for 2008.

In 2013, the state of Oklahoma recognized SCFM for its incredible safety track record of ten years without a lost work day, a feat never before accomplished according to state safety records.

We are proud of our safety record and of
our employees’ practices and efforts to
maintain a safe working environment.
We believe safety is “no accident”, and through team efforts SCFM has earned
this safety record. We have had no lost
time accidents since we started our
business in 1993.
— Jose Cosa, EVP and Chief Engineer
Our Safety Team, receiving an award from a representative from the state of Oklahoma

Our Safety Team, receiving an award from a representative from the state of Oklahoma

Our concern for safety is very apparent to the visitors at our facility and observers on site.  This concern carries over to the client and their workforce.  The best built gas compression system is of little value if it is not safe to operate.  Our assembly team takes pride in delivering a system that will provide years of safe operation for our clients.