...helping our clients improve all aspects
of gas compression, one site at a time.

“Gas Compression done right –
the first time, every time."
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...serving the natural gas industry since 1993


If you are looking for "gas compression done right - the first time, every time" you have come to the right place.  Welcome to SCFM's website.   We are engaged in helping our clients improve all aspects of gas compression, one site at a time.

Why is this important to you?
  • In planning for your compression and or gas treatment needs at the wellhead, in your plant, or in the gathering or transmission process... 
    ...you can't afford for compression to be an afterthought or a commodity
  • In addressing compression and treatment challenges throughout the project lifecycle...
    ...high maintenance costs and low uptime will eat away at your profits
  • Well engineered and fabricated compression and treatment packages will provide you with high value during the life of your project...
    ...conversely, poor engineering or a "cookie-cutter/commodity" approach will most certainly cost you in terms of production, uptime, and profit over the life of your project.
  • Having a partner to consult with -- during the planning process, through the engineering and design phase, while in the midst of implementation, and after the project...
    ...is a benefit worth many times the actual cost.  Having us consult with you during the planning process might give you access to additional options you might not have considered.

We have been serving the natural gas, oil and refinery/petrochemical industries for over 18 years with quality, custom-engineered compression solutions in a variety of applications.  We are driven by our obsession to serve our Clients because they Deserve Better than what is typically provided in the industry.

How We Approach Solutions

at SCFM, our approach to solving gas compression and treatment challenges is to design a solution with your objectives in mind, bringing to bear our consulting, engineering and fabrication experience to address your operational, financial, and strategic  objectives.   

The SCFM difference is evident from start to finish.  We have consistently challenged the status quo in the industry.  We think different.  For many of our clients, we have become an indispensible resource within the industry.  Our holistic approach provides superior outcomes.

A Disciplined Process-Driven Approach…we are guided by a disciplined, process-driven approach, and we can engage you in the following manner:

  • Consulting…analyzing you situation, listening to you describe your past, present and future conditions, outlining your objectives, and making a recommendation based on years of concentrated study of gas compression and treatment challenges.
  • Engineering…designing a solution, not a plug-in, to achieve your objectives with a big picture view of how the design will work in real time and over the long term.
  • Fabrication…putting the design together to operate dependably while providing a safe operating system in the field.  Your compression solution is built by craftsmen and with attention to the smallest detail, using the best available materials and industry- recognized components.
  • Client Solution Support…Providing solutions that are designed around what our client wants and needs to accomplish over the life of the equipment and beyond.

By following this process, SCFM has provided successful solutions that operate long after the sale:  many of our solutions have been in continuous service for almost two decades.  With consulting, engineering, fabrication, and client solution support functions under one roof we can control the quality and timeliness of our response to you and minimize your risk.

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